New Balance Knows Customer Service

Less than two weeks ago I was fed up with my New Balance shoes, and I stated that they would be the last pair of NB I would buy.  Today, I am wearing a brand new pair of NB shoes thanks to Andrew, a social media expert, and Wes, the customer-friendly owner of Tri City New Balance.

In a nutshell, Andrew (whom I’ve never met) found my twitter status about NB and followed-up with me via email.  He then put me in touch with Wes.  Wes asked a handful of questions and then offered a solution. … That was the first thing about him/NB that impressed me.  He made a point to connect with a complete stranger, and then took steps toward making me a long-term customer.  No other shoe company has done that.

As it turned out, the shoes I originally purchased (473s) were an admittedly low-grade, generic shoe distributed to large sporting goods stores.  Wes explained all this, and then said, “If you’re willing to give us another shot, I’ll send you a free upgrade, and you can send the old ones back.”  Talk about great customer service!  He went so far above and beyond his job description, it’s almost ridiculous!  =)

So that brings us back to today.  I’ll be trying out the shoes over the next couple weeks, and will write a follow-up post to let you know how they’ve treated me.  In the mean time, if you’re looking for a new pair of shoes be sure to check out Their prices are great and the customer service is exceptional!  It’s so refreshing to see a company that understands and utilizes social media!  Good work NB!

5 thoughts on “New Balance Knows Customer Service

  1. I boughta new pair of New Balance shoes last week.I have worn newbalance for years. Something about these hurt my big toe, any suggestion will be appreciated.

  2. My new new balance shoes are so uncomfortable, they hurt my big toe. I have never had this problem with new balance shoes before.Do you have a solution or a suggestion of what might help?

  3. I recently purchased my first pair of New Balance shoes from a local store. After wearing them for a couple of weeks I noticed that the front of the left shoe did not match the shape of the right shoe. It is cut in a little smaller than the other one which makes it pinch. It is a model MW605BR. I don’t see any tag that says it is irregular.
    Just more china made junk.
    Since I have worn them for a while I don’t feel that I can return them to the store.
    Also why doesn’t NewBalance make them to American size?

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