Automatic Millionaire

autoMillionI was a bit leery of this book at first.  The cover makes it sound like a “get rich quick” scheme, and it’s very clear that the author has an agenda to sell books –nothing against him, it just kinda turned me off at first.  Once I got past the marketing schpiel I tore through the first 85 pages or so.  David Bach spells out, in very simple terms, how to live within your means and save money without much work at all.  It’s quite brilliant really.  Over and over (even to the point of feeling redundant) he makes the point: force yourself to save money automatically.

Personally, as a freelancer without a biweekly paycheck it is much harder to practice what he’s preaching although it’s no less valid.  It’s worth your time to read it, even if the marketing verbiage makes you want to hurl.


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