Two-Way Surprise

  Photo by Stephen Elliot

Man! This shoot was a blast, and the story behind it is even better! Rose and Matt started dating on June 6th last year despite living on opposite sides of the country. He’s in Washington state; she’s in Washington D.C., and Rose wanted to surprise him with a photo shoot when he visited for their one-year anniversary.

His plane landed at 9:00 AM, and we had planned to start the shoot at 1:00. However, around 11:30 I got a text from Rose saying that he just proposed! So, by the time I got there it had turned into an engagement shoot. =)

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling around the Tidal Basin before heading to Union Station and then finally Ebenezers. These two are so much fun to shoot. They’re so full of life and love, and they seem right at home in front of the camera. All day long it was: smile, kiss, laugh, kiss again, and then start dancing.

See for yourself, and then hit up her blog.

Shortly after I sent the photos I got an email from Rose saying, “I only made it through 10 pictures before I started crying, so can I just say… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The photos are incredible…I am at a loss for words.”

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