Making a plan that’s destined to fail

I’ve spent the last two days deep in thought and prayer trying to figure out what I should be doing with my life. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1.) Seek God.

2.) and then… [everything else]

Really.  Honestly.  For the first time in my life I’ve come to the unshakable conclusion that living for Jesus is the only way to live.  I’m not sure I can explain it (though I’ll try in a minute) but it really feels like it’s the only logical conclusion one could possibly come to.

I don’t pretend to have it all figured out nor to have found some magical formula, but I hope that in sharing my thoughts someone else may stumble upon the same conviction that Christ really does care about our lives in such a deep, profound way.

The rabbit trail…

We all have dreams and desires, but personally, I don’t have a clue how mine will play out over the course of my life.  My Moleskine is littered with thoughts of this uncertainty, and lately it’s been keeping me up at night.  I finally took some time to dig in, and found myself wandering down the following rabbit trail:

  • Ask God to strengthen and sanctify your desires in accordance with their efficacy in glorifying Him.
  • Ask Him to realign your priorities.  We should be genuinely more interested in furthering His Kingdom rather than our own.
  • Pray about it more, and pray for others more.  Get your eyes off yourself; it does a body good.
  • Write out your desires.  What makes you tick?  What are you about?
  • Prioritize the following questions: Where? When? How? What? and Who?  I found the order of them to be somewhat important.  What should be the first question?  After each one, ask yourself “Why?”
  • Your effectiveness in the Kingdom is not about where you are or what you’re doing but rather how much you are willing to be used by God in your circumstances. (This was the first major turning point for me.)
  • How can you give more?  …of your money, time, energy, life.
  • Make a plan.  Until you have a plan, God cannot interrupt it. (Turning point number two.)
  • We have control over so little, yet we worry so much.  The best we can do is ask God to wreck our plans, to take over, invade our lives, and divert our path.
  • If we are truly following God then we have nothing to fear.
  • Devise a plan and then earnestly ask Him to save you from it.  After all, God has bigger things in store for you.
  • Don’t focus on the plan; don’t even focus on God’s will; focus on Christ.  The only reason you follow the plan is to give God an opportunity to overwhelm it.

In conclusion…

The problem is that I don’t know the future.  I don’t know what will come up in the next two years.  My best bet is to leave the future up to the One who controls it.  In the mean time, I’ll stick to my man made two-year plan.  If God doesn’t come through for me, then I know exactly where I’ll be.  It’s the most realistic yet challenging plan I could come up with, but something tells me I’ll be bored to tears if God actually lets it happen.

I realize that the thoughts written here are so abbreviated that they might not make any sense, but hopefully something will strike a chord with you next time you’re trying to make sense of your life.  Feel free to add your two cents or share your own experiences of how God has wrecked your plans for the better.

3 thoughts on “Making a plan that’s destined to fail

  1. My brother just sent me a book that I read that I think is fantastic — good food for thought. It’s called Just Do Something (by Kevin DeYoung). It’s a really short, fast read. You should check it out!

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