Great Family, Great Memories

  Photo by Stephen Elliot

I had the privilege of shooting some family photos for my good friend David Russell. They were planning to move back home to Alabama, so they wanted some photos to remember their time here with their toddler son and a baby girl on the way.

We spent almost two hours snapping photos around Upper Senate Park. It’s amazing how fun and spontaneous a shoot can be when you have a toddler rock star to contend with. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos; I think you’ll like ’em =)

3 thoughts on “Great Family, Great Memories

  1. Rock star(s) indeed (photog included)! The guitar/ukulele photos have to be some of my favorites, maybe ever. :) Great work. You can really tell how much fun this shoot was. I’d love to know your lighting setups for the various scenarios – especially considering the little mobile rock star.

  2. Most of the lighting was just ambient because Andrew was moving around too much and I didn’t have an assistant. However, there were a few shots that I used some additional lighting on. I’ve added descriptions to those photos so check ’em out again.

  3. Sorry for the late comment here. :) We LOVED every single photo. You did a superb job capturing the moments we had that evening and now we have something very tangible to treasure from the experience. We’ll think often of our time in DC thanks to these beautiful photos hanging in our home.

    You are the man.

    *high five*

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