who needs twitter anyway

Everyone already knows about the twitter outage today, but even since it came back online I haven’t been able to post anything. Thus, I have decided to log my day here in tweetlike fashion.

around 11:30 AM –  “Um, BOTH twitter and facebook aren’t loading for me. …maybe that’s really not so bad after all.”

12:38 – “Wedditing like a boss today.”

2:17 – “Twitter simply refuses to update from the web today.” (I actually started typing that one on my phone until I got distracted by gchat)

3:24 – “Just posted new photos on flickr and facebook! Russell Family Photos http://tinyurl.com/mcapqe

5:22 – “Sweet action! I got 3 packages today! Refurb’d flash, removable hard drive trays, and a sample album.”

5:28 – “Mad props to Nikon for repairing my flash for free even though the warranty expired two weeks prior. Thing looks brand spankin’ new! #NikonFTW”

6:02 – “Heading out to teach a lighting ‘workshop’ for the folks at Marsden Media!  …although really it’s just a few friends getting together to play with speedlights.”

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