Lighting Workshop in 12 Seconds

MarsdenLightingOn Thursday I got together with my friends Graham and Sarah Marsden to teach a lighting workshop.  They recently purchased a second flash, and they wanted to learn how to get better results from their light.  We broke bread together and then spent about three hours experimenting with the flashes.

I jokingly told them that I expected to see the photos strung together as an animated Gif, and sure enough Graham delivered!  Sarah was our gracious model entertaining us with a plethora of pinatas.  …I mean facial expressions. Refresh this page (Ctrl + F5) to see the sequence again.

All the photos were shot in the exact same spot against a green wall.  Our lighting tools consisted of two 580 EX II’s, a white/gold reflector, and a state of the art paper snoot made by yours truly.  I’m not a fan unfamiliar with Canon’s flash system, so it was a bit of a learning process for me too.  We had to keep one of the flashes mounted on the camera while the other was being triggered remotely.

Once we ran through the basics they got the hang of it right away and really started sculpting the light.  I loved seeing those “a ha!” moments as things started to make more sense.  It was definitely an honor to show them what I know, and it was so much fun to work with them.  They’re well on their way to making some fantastic photos!

Be sure to check out their work at Marsden Media.  It’s so cool to see my friends pursue the arts.  Can’t wait to do another workshop like this…

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