Movie Review: GI Joe

I don’t think this review will spoil anything, but it probably will color your perception with a little bias.  Either way, here’s my short review…


It’s been over a week since I saw it, but judging by the fact that I didn’t feel compelled to write a review immediately (as is normally the case), one could safely guess that it didn’t leave too big a mark on  me.  In a nutshell the movie was forgettable. The day after I watched it I had to jog my memory just to recall how it ended.

I should mention that my familiarity with the GI Joe franchise is nothing to brag about.  I was always more of a Lego kid than a GI Joe fella, but still, you’d have to be living under a rock for the last 30 years to not know a thing or two about GI Joe –it’s iconic!  Personally, I think that set the wrong tone for the film.  If they had given it some random title and therefore distanced it from the nostalgic icon then I think it would be a decent flick, not necessarily great, but decent nonetheless.  They set the expectations much too high for this film making it an easy target for critics, not unlike Transformers.

It has always seemed to me that GI Joe was based in reality, an exaggerated one, but reality nonetheless.  Isn’t the motto “A Real American Hero” after all??  Sadly this movie runs 180 degrees from that; it’s pure science fiction no matter how you slice it.  Personally I had an easier time believing that Spiderman was real.

On a technical note, I have to say that the film had some really sweet transitions in it.  The visual effects team pulled off some very sublime storyshowing by creatively bleeding one scene into the next.

And that’s all.

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