I’m Dreaming of a White Wedding

  Photo by Stephen Elliot

This Saturday the D.C. area was hit with one of the biggest snow storms of the decade. Rather than playing in the snow or staying in to enjoy some movies, I was out shooting a wedding.

The bride and groom had such great attitudes about it all, and I was shocked at how many people trudged through the snow to get there. I was particularly delighted to find that the bride really wanted to snap a few photos in the snow. Definitely a fun addition to my portfolio!

You can find a few photos on facebook now, and the rest will be posted here some time after January 1st. Merry Christmas everybody!

P.S. Joe Portnoy helped me cover the ceremony. He’s one talented kid! Check out his work at Snaptography.net

3 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White Wedding

  1. Wow, I really like your work. I am a rookie photographer… I do it more as a hobby than anything. I saw your work through Emily (a good friend from ACU) and I think yall are great. I will be shooting my first Qunceñera here in Houston tomorrow so hope that goes well. Blessings!

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