Open Call: Fashion Runway Photoshoot

So here’s the deal.  Crystal Couture is happening this week.  It’s a free event, it’s local, and it’s a chance for us to take a shot at runway photography.


I’ve done a handful of shoots for the Crystal City BID (the event hosts), and I’ve seen firsthand that they know how to organize and produce some great events.  I’m sure Crystal Couture will not disappoint.  Also, I’ve had a chance to work with the models and designers at a couple events in preparation for Couture, and everything is top notch!  Here are a few photos I snapped at the rehearsal.

CoutureRehearsal-0530 CoutureRehearsal-0563

So, I’m planning to check it out on Friday and Saturday,* and you should come with me!  I’ve never done runway photography, so this is a perfect opportunity to give it a shot and hopefully broaden our portfolios.  I know there are at least a dozen of you that I have talked to about getting together to do a shoot, so here’s a chance to make that happen.  To sweeten the deal, I’m renting Nikon’s new 70-200 VR II lens, and I’d be happy to share.  Heck, if enough of you pipe up I’ll rent a second one so there’s more goodness to go around.

The show is from 6:00 to 10:00 both nights at 23rd and Crystal Drive.  Hope to see you there!

Did I mention that the show is right across the street from Chipotle?!  Seriously, my friends, this is our density!

*I’m not even going to acknowledge the pending snowmageddon; I’m over it.

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