Open Call Photo Shoot

So I rented a few lenses for the Fourth of July, and to my surprise I get to keep them an extra day.  There’s a pretty good chance that you have today off from work, so it seems to me that the time is ripe for a spontaneous photo shoot!  Here’s how (I’m hoping) it will work.

I need all of the following things:

  1. A place to shoot
  2. A person to shoot
  3. Ideas for how to shoot it
  4. Fun people to shoot with

My goal is to have fun, collaborate with other artists, and make some sweet photos.  I’m hoping this will attract two different kinds of people.

Non-photographers – First and foremost we need someone to photograph!  Maybe you have an idea for something you’d like to do, or maybe even a need for a particular photo (promo, album cover, Flat Stanley, impersonation, etc…)  I would love to find someone who needs a sharp new photo and can benefit from this spontaneous idea.  If we can fill a need while being creative and having fun, then lets do it!*

Photographers – Amateurs, professionals, hobbyists, weekend warriors, etc.  If you like taking pictures and you’re available this evening then you are welcome to come.  Please bring your camera and any lenses, flashes, and accessories you have.  We may end up with too many cooks in the kitchen, but considering the short notice I don’t think that will be a problem.  I realize it’s a moving target and that makes it hard to plan around, but, that’s pretty much the world I live in as a freelance photographer.  Once I’ve got a plan, I will update this post (or leave a comment) with details.

*There is one catch though.  The shoot has to be somewhat challenging and have plenty of room for creativity.  The most creative and practical idea submitted is the one that we’ll do.  For example, if someone says, “I need a new headshot,” you’re gonna have to get more creative than that.  Or if you are looking for a picture of you rappelling down the Grand Canyon, well, that’s not quite practical in this case.  We need a creative idea and a place to make it happen.  BTW, it’s the day after the Fourth of July.  Surely someone has some leftover fireworks…

It’s 2:30 right now; I’d love to start shooting around 7:30 or so.  I realize this is completely last-minute, but then again so was this shoot, and this one, and this one, and this one

If you’ve got an idea, or if you’d like to join me, feel free to hit me up on twitter, facebook, email, cell phone, whatever.  Let’s throw excuses and Resistance to the wind and go make some photos!

1 thought on “Open Call Photo Shoot

  1. UPDATE: Only one idea was submitted in time, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out logistically. …yet! More on that later.

    No other photographers were available, so it was just me this time around. I first scouted out the run-down section of Crystal City (N. Clark Street), but abandoned that idea when I felt that it might not be the safest thing to do at night by myself with all my equipment. I really wanted to give up and go get some sleep, but I came back to my parking garage and decided that I had better do something. After four hours of shooting here is what I came away with.

    I’m hoping to do more of these Open Call shoots, so hit up the comments with feedback and ideas. I’ll try to give more advanced notice next time.

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