Consistency is Key

Some people have the ability to hold us to a higher standard simply by their lifestyle and outlook. Jeremy Johnson is one of those people. …he’s also ridiculously talented, funny, and single; but that’s beside the point. We were chatting recently about art and business when he mentioned the importance of being consistent in our work. The next thing I know, he subjects himself to a blogging challenge: 30 posts in the next six weeks. Feeling a bit convicted myself I told him that I would take up the challenge as well.

During the month of December my brother-in-law planned 25 days of Christmas surprises for his wife. Every day she would post a picture and update her Facebook status to share what they did. Most of the surprises were quite simple, and all of the photos were taken with a cell phone; yet she had so many friends check in every day to see what they were up to simply because it was consistent and fun.

Everything from the Strobist blog to Groupon and even reality tv shows understand the importance of consistently giving their audience a reason to come back.

Too many bloggers, myself included, blame perfectionism for not posting more often. We want to have everything just right before pulling the trigger, but most of the time that just means that we either waste time writing drafts that we never publish, or we just give up altogether. I don’t recall who said it, but “I’d rather have a partial plan fully executed than a perfect plan partially executed.”

This is my attempt at putting an end to excuses and getting to work. Your move, Johnson!

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