Mixing Flavors

So my girlfriend made some chocolate cake and served it to me with ice cream. She knows I like both cookies ‘n cream and cookie dough ice cream, so she gave me a scoop of each to go along with it. As I was enjoying my dessert I was amazed at how much better the cake tasted when I took a bite with the cookies ‘n cream than it did with the cookie dough. The two flavors and textures blended so well together that it caused sort of a eureka moment for me.

In my line of work I’m used to mixing light, color, shapes and patterns to create something that is hopefully greater than the sum of its parts, but this concept of mixing flavors is a whole new territory for me. It makes me think of this scene from Ratatouille.

I simply love the way Pixar illustrated the sense of taste in a visual manner. And now I have a new appreciation for chefs and foodies. Hats off to my culinary companions!

P.S. I’m currently accepting dinner invitations in case you feel inspired.

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