Exploring the City By The Bay

SanFrancisco-8795Turns out it was actually cheaper for me to fly Virgin America from Seattle to San Francisco and then SFO to Dulles, as opposed to flying directly from Seattle to DC. This also meant that I would have a 14 hour layover in which I planned to stretch my legs and explore yet another city for the day. I spent the morning soaking up the sights and sounds of downtown with no particular agenda.

In an awesome turn of events my girlfriend decided to hop on a plane and join me in San Francisco for the day. We had so much fun in such a short time! Here’s what I gleaned from the day:

  • Backpacks are far more comfortable than messenger bags/slings for this sort of thing.
  • In-N-Out is good, but way overrated.
  • When I explore by myself, I make photographs. When I explore with others, I make memories.
  • Sometimes the worst pictures are the best. Some of our favorite memories have the crappiest photos, but we love them because they help us remember the moment, the feeling, the experience. Don’t sacrifice a great moment for a good photo.

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