Exploring the Emerald City in the Rain

Seattle-7875In keeping with my travel posts I’m pulling some more photos from the archives for this edition…

One of my best friends lives in Seattle now and another one of my friends just so happened to be getting married there, so it was a perfectly good excuse to spend a few days in a new place. The weather was horrible the entire time, but that’s pretty much what I expected; so we had fun with it.

Seattle-7980Stuart and Steph were amazingly generous hosts, taking me all over the city, cooking ridiculously good food, even letting me borrow their car, and getting up at an ungodly hour so I could catch my flight. Perhaps best of all, they introduced me to Settlers of Catan on this trip. I am forever indebted.

The trip was more about having fun than taking pictures, but I still did plenty of shooting and I discovered a thing or two along the way.

  • Seattle Public Library is one of the most unique buildings I’ve ever seen. Easy to spend lots of time shooting pictures in there.
  • Minimalist photo gear was the perfect balance for shooting good photos and enjoying the moment. Only took an 18-200 lens and an SB-900 in a pouch hanging from my belt loop. BTW the Vibration Reduction in the 18-200 VR2 rocks!
  • I was surprised by how quickly we had covered all the main tourist places. Living in DC for so long can create unrealistic expectations I guess.
  • I act differently when I explore places with a friend than I do by myself (e.g. NYC) Not better or worse, just different.

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2 thoughts on “Exploring the Emerald City in the Rain

  1. It was SO awesome having you at our wedding, and the bonus was you got to attend and just have fun – though, of course, you could not resist snapping a few pictures yourself :)

    Seattle is definitely a unique city. We are going to see U2 there next month and can hardly wait!

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