Restless and Creative

Every so often I get restless, and I know I need to make something. Of course this feeling only comes at the most inconvenient times, like today when I’ve got 3,000 photos to sort, a video series to edit, three estimates to send, and an album to design.  …0h, and I’m getting married in 17 days. So yeah, it’s not like I didn’t have anything else to be doing. Nevertheless, I needed to clear my head and art has a way of doing that for me. I suppose it’s my brain’s way of keeping me from being a workaholic.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with. I don’t love it, but it served its purpose; so I’m happy. It’s a mixed media piece. The drawing was done in my sketchbook and then I added some color and toning in Lightroom.

Enough about me. What helps you clear your head and unwind? When was the last time you were compelled to create? Where has your latest source of inspiration come from?

2 thoughts on “Restless and Creative

  1. That’s a great sketch, Stephen. Didn’t know you were full blown “artist” vs great photographer :-) And congrats on the wedding – that’s great news! I saw some of the pics of you two, looks like you guys have a blast.

    Have a fantastic wedding :-)


  2. Hey, thanks so much, Robert! I hardly feel like a “full blown artist” but I certainly enjoy it.
    We’re super excited about the wedding! It’ll be great when the planning is over and we can just enjoy the day with our families and close friends.

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