Hospital Update

We’re going to take a break from our usual programming for a special announcement. As you may have heard I was admitted to the hospital yesterday and diagnosed with a ruptured appendix.Image

Not fun, but I’m hanging in there. Here’s an update and timeline for any friends and family interested.

First of all THANK YOU for the thoughts and prayers you all have already sent my way! Even though most of my friends and family aren’t nearby I’ve definitely felt loved and supported by those of you who have taken the time to send a quick note. Believe me, it helps.

Background: I went to bed around 11:00 PM on Thursday feeling like I had a stomach ache. Around 3:20 AM on Friday I woke up with dull pain in my abdomen, tossing and turning until 6:00 when I threw up a few times. I assumed it was food poisoning and I just needed to sleep it off. Pretty much the rest of Friday was spent in bed doing just that.

On Saturday I woke up not feeling any better, but I noticed that the pain in my stomach had moved around and become much more acute near my appendix. Google suggested that it might be appendicitis, and apparently it’s not something you want to mess with.

Around 5:00 o’clock I decided it was worth going to the hospital for a professional opinion. Fortunately the Brooklyn Hospital Center was close by and taxis are plentiful in New York. I didn’t have to spend long in the waiting room before they started asking questions, poking around, and suggesting a CAT scan. The results of the scan showed that my appendix is not only inflamed (to the point of pushing against my kidney), but that it is perforated, or ruptured.

Now for the complicated part… Normally with appendicitis you go into surgery, they do a little snippy snippy, and you can get on with life pretty quickly. In my case, however, the surgery wouldn’t be so simple because of how much it’s inflamed and the fact that it’s ruptured. In other words it would be a much more complicated surgery than normal. Instead of sending me off to the Operating Room, they are pumping me full of antibiotics and trying to get my fever under control. The hope is that they can get me back to normal in the next couple days, and then they will bring me back to do the actual surgery about 6 weeks from now.

That’s what I know at the moment.

Other things worth noting:

  • I can’t help but think of all my friends in the medical profession and wish they were the ones treating me. Definitely gives me a new perspective and mental picture for what they do.
  • This is the longest I’ve been in the hospital since I was born. Days like this remind me to not take my health for granted.
  • The inefficiency in the medical industry is shocking to me… Makes me want to watch a few more TED Med videos.
  • I’m extremely thirsty, but I’m not supposed to eat or drink anything for now.
  • Pray that my fever breaks and the inflammation goes down quickly. The sooner I start feeling better the sooner I can get out of here.
  • I’ve given about 20 high fives since I’ve been here. Somebody’s gotta do it.

4 thoughts on “Hospital Update

  1. Thanks for update, Stephen. Mom said she’d come up and hold, “Her little buddy’s hand.” Glad you are giving high fives; that’s gotta make you feel better, and doctors better at doctoring.

  2. Stephen! I’m just reading through your updates and thought I’d comment here because I can see your beautiful face. I hope you’re getting better, day by day! I’m still recovering from my week-long stomach issue, so I can relate, but my situation hasn’t been anywhere near yours! I’m glad that your beautiful wife is there to see ya through! Keep smiling and I hope you’re out of the hospital SOON! Take care sir!

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