Hospital Update #2

If you’re just now tuning in you might consider checking out the previous post for a little more context.

Last night around 1:00 AM a tall lean Russian surgeon named Eugene walked into my room and started talking. Normally it’s just nurses and PA’s that talk to me, so naturally this seemed like a bigger deal. Apparently my fever has been anything but consistent. It broke yesterday around 3:00, and then spiked to 101.something at 9:00 o’clockish. The reason Eugene came to me was because the spike in my temperature suggested that the infection might have spread to my blood stream. I’m pretty sure that’s both terrible and miserable.

The good news Eugene did bring was that I am “clinically very fine.” He even hesitated wondering if he should take the blood cultures at all. After a couple minutes of talking we both decided it would be better to check it out –which requires a couple awesome needles– than assume everything’s fine. Still no word on that, but I have a feeling deep down that my blood is in good shape.

I got a decent night’s rest last night. It was definitely broken, but sufficient and comfortable enough. This morning the pain in my gut has lessened, but not by much. Around 6 AM a whole army of doctors gathered around my bed to tell me the same thing I’ve heard since I first got here; we’re trying to nuke the infection with antibiotics and keep the digestive system relaxed. Any activity in my digestive system can essentially help spread the infection. Unfortunately this still means no eating or drinking anything. I finally talked the nurse into upping the dosage on my IV because I constantly feel thirsty, and I don’t think I’m getting as much fluids as I do on a typical day at home.

The second reason for not having any fluids or foods is a precautionary measure. If I need to be moved into surgery then my gut is already a clean slate for them to work on. We’re gonna hope that doesn’t happen though. If they operated on me now they would not only remove the appendix, but they would remove part of the colon too because the infection is all over. Essentially this would mean a lifetime of diarrhea or frequent bowel movements. Needless to say, that’s a last resort, and it’s one option I’m not the least bit excited about.

I’m staying positive, keeping a gratitude journal every day in spite of the fact that my condition is pretty much the same it was when I walked in. I can’t say I’ve gotten much better, but I don’t have any reason to believe I’ve gotten worse either.

Lacey is back in school today, so I’m flying solo here at the hospital. I’ve got magazines, my laptop, several movies, and my Moleskine to keep me company.

Other random observations:

  1. It’s no secret that I’m skeptical of the medical system in general, but things like this don’t exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  2. I was supposed to be in DC today for a shoot and then surprise my friend Kenny at his birthday party. Bummer I’m still here.
  3. Morphine doesn’t seem to make much difference any more. It’s quite painful to move around regardless of the pain killer.
  4. They gave me some magic socks that inflate and deflate. It’s the closest thing to a leg massage I’ll be getting around here. They are quite stylish too.

9 thoughts on “Hospital Update #2

  1. Hey there–wanted to let you know that both you and Lacey are in my thoughts and prayers. I would say that I’d take that needle for you but that thing does not look pretty. Keep your spirits up. And think of that stained glass window that we saw in Fayetteville :)

  2. We decided to cancel my party since you wouldnt be able to surprise me–wouldn’t have been the same. Also, there were some logistical problems like me being to sick to attend my own party, but thats more of a secondary issue :) Hang in there dude! Prayers and spirtual high fives heading your way!

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