Hospital Update #3

Man! The titles of these posts are getting more and more creative. Let me tell ya…


Honestly I don’t feel like there’s much news to report, but here we go nonetheless.

For starters, I’m feeling better, not overwhelmingly so, but I can tell it’s not as bad as it has been. Around 6:30 yesterday evening the doctors confirmed that my white blood cell count is coming down (which is a good thing), and also my fever hasn’t spiked again (another good sign). In other words the infection is going down, and the inflammation is subsiding as well.

“Clinically” he said, “you are doing very well.” It was about the best news I had heard in a while.

They don’t like to give specifics on timing, so I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here. This morning they said the dreaded phrase “a couple days” again, which is the medical equivalent of a photographer saying, “just one more…”

Around 7:00 this morning the doctors came in to give me an update. They didn’t say much of anything new, but they did seem more hopeful than I was expecting, so that was a relief.

They did tell me that I’ll be able to have some crushed ice today! I’ve never been more excited about an unflavored snow cone in my life. They told me “If you can tolerate that we’ll progress into other liquids and foods.” What he doesn’t know is that on Sunday I was so frickin thirsty that I convinced the nurse to bring me a small cup of crushed ice. Tolerate is an understatement; I’ll handle that stuff like a boss!

I got up and walked around the hospital wing for a change of scenery. Walking is still painful, but tolerable when you keep pace with the Slowskys.

I’ve backed off considerably on the pain killers. They used to give me morphine every six hours, but my last stint was 24 hours between doses. I’m glad I don’t have to rely on that stuff too much.

You would think with all this time on my hands I would have read some good books or at least done something worthwhile. The problem is that I’m finding it hard to concentrate. I haven’t felt like I can read, write, or even edit photos with any degree of clarity. Hopefully that will change soon. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I get poked in the arm with some foreign chemicals every few hours…

All in all I’m slowly getting better. If I had known this was likely to be a week-long ordeal at the start I would have mentally prepared for it. Given that I’m now going on my third full day here I’m feeling more optimistic now. Who knows, I just may get up and tango with my IV hanger today.

Other random observations:

  • There’s a sign above my head that says “NPO” in big, bold letters. The nurses tell me is stands for “Nothing by Mouth.” What I want to know is who let the dyslexic guy come up with the acronyms around here?
  • Apparently I have “really awesome veins.” Long story short, they needed to adjust my IV and the doctor was almost giddy when he took a look at my arm.
  • I asked the nurse if she could put a Chipotle burrito in my IV. …still waiting.
  • This day one year ago was the start of our hike on the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska. Oh what I would give to be there now eating beef jerky and hiking through that enchanted forest…  *le sigh.

4 thoughts on “Hospital Update #3

  1. Did you explain NPO and Nothing By Mouth have different letters? geesh
    I could have done without the reminder about the Chilkoot; that is a major distraction to my schedule for the day….major distraction! What a GREAT time that was!!!

  2. Omg! Why was I laughing so hard at this posting?! You’re obviously feeling better. It’s nice to appreciate the small things. I know you’ll never look at crushed ice the same again! Thinking of you!
    Rod Love

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