Medical Update from Home

Hey friends and family! This time last week I was released from the hospital. Since then I have been at home recovering, and the thought of writing another blog post has felt a tad overwhelming. Nevertheless, here’s an update on what has happened since.


So last week the doctors sent me home with a week’s worth of antibiotics. ….really stinking strong ones. One of them, Levoflaxacin (or something like that) I like to call my crazy pill. It makes me dizzy while destroying every living thing in my gut. The other one is called Metropo3igpoinvpoanp. I take it three times a day, and it’s designed to kill any organisms left behind by the crazy pill. Honestly I don’t think I’m going to get better until I get off these meds. Any food I put in my body is attacked by the antibiotics, which explains why I haven’t had much energy or mental stamina these days.

According to the doctors I’m “doing very well clinically,” but in practical terms I’m far from normal. As far as I understand it I still have appendicitis, and it will take a while for the inflammation to go down fully. The only difference is that the rupture and infection are under control and my body is on the road to recovery.

I really haven’t had much energy since getting home, and the pain is taking its precious little time to leave. For the first few days I shut out the rest of the world as I just wanted to spend time relaxing. I was tired of repeating myself and answering questions, and I just wanted to sleep in my own bed. It was quite nice to come back to reality and find so many messages from you all saying that you were praying and thinking of us. That really means a lot!

On Friday my landlord installed my new Murphy Bed (one of those that folds up into the wall and looks like a cabinet.) I ordered it before I went to the hospital, so having him offer to install it really took that burden off of me –Lord knows I can’t even lift an air mattress right now…

Later that day my family sent a goodie box with all kinds of stuff to help me get better. My brother and sister-in-law know a thing or two about nutrition, so it’s nice to have them (and the rest of my family) looking out for me.

The weekend was just as uneventful as the days before. Pretty much all of my time has been spent lying on the couch or my La-Z-boy or our fancy new Murphy Bed. Getting up to go to the bathroom is about the most action you’ll find around here. Nevertheless, I am sooo grateful to be home rather than stuck in a hospital bed with an IV in my elbow.

On Sunday night my sister and brother-in-law came up, so they could look after me while Lacey goes to school. They both work from home, so they haven’t missed a beat. It has been great having them here; just their presence is a comfort. I don’t feel like I’m missing as much in the outside world when they’re here.

In the above picture you’ll notice that I’m smoking Heidi in a rousing game of Phase 10. I am undefeated so far, but maybe I’ll let her win one of these days. I mean, she did come up here from DC just to take care of me…

Yesterday I had my one-week follow-up appointment which ended up being a complete waste of time. The doctor didn’t draw blood, touch my abdomen, or even ask how I was doing. He simply looked at the same chart he looked at a week ago and said, “You’re doing well! You’ll want to schedule surgery to get your appendix removed in about 4-5 weeks.” Then he gave me another week’s worth of antibiotics and sent me on my way. To be fair, that’s apparently not abnormal treatment for a ruptured appendix, but it seems like he could’ve saved us both the trouble by simply calling instead. Nevertheless, he did give me the impression that I shouldn’t need the antibiotics after this week.

So that’s pretty much it. There really isn’t anything new to report. I’m slowly making progress, but I don’t suspect I’ll turn a corner until I’m off the meds. In the mean time, I’ve found plenty of other things to be grateful for:

  • I didn’t sneeze for over a week. That could’ve been painful.
  • Final Fantasy III is available on my Android tablet. I love me a classic RPG, and this is about the best excuse I’ll ever have to sink several hours into a game like this.
  • I’ve been reading through my Moleskine from last year. I was in Alaska during this time, so it is cool to look back and remember all the fun I had then. Even the simplest notes conjure up such vivid memories.
  • I have a jacuzzi tub. It’s the only thing saving me from smelling like sour cheese at this point.
  • My appetite is returning.

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