Medical Update: Two Surgeries are Better Than One

In a nutshell, my appendix ruptured in late July. Rather than operating immediately they pumped me full of antibiotics, and told me to come back for surgery in several weeks once I felt strong and healthy again. That’s the simplified version anyway; you can find the full story here.

Last week I had a consultation with the surgeon to setup a date for surgery. Turns out I have a hernia that needs to be repaired before they remove my appendix. So now I need to have two surgeries before I’m back to normal. Awesome.

Both operations will be done laparoscopically which means it’s a couple small incisions as opposed to cutting me wide open. The surgery should take less than an hour, and the typical recovery time is 3-4 days. There aren’t any dietary restrictions after the procedure, so don’t get your hopes up about more tales of ice chips and jello.

For a number of reasons I decided to have the operations done in DC rather than New York. The first surgery will be today at 2:00 o’clock, and I would be grateful for your prayers. I’ll spend the weekend in DC before returning to NY. The second surgery is scheduled for early November.

Hopefully I can knock out a few good books and blog posts in the next couple weeks. I’ll be back in action soon enough! =)

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