The Season Finale of the Appendix Saga


What began as a normal day in late July quickly turned into one of the roughest seasons of my life. I had no idea I would still be dealing with it three months later, but at last the end is in sight. Tomorrow, November 1st, I’m finally getting my appendix removed, so I can close this chapter for good and get on with life.

I made the timeline above to graph my progress on the Awesome scale at key moments along the way. If you’re curious you can find the full story here.

To make this post even more awesome, here’s a glimpse of life with a ruptured appendix: (Thanks to Heidi for many of the photos!) Try not to be jealous of my awesome life, all you Instagrammers.

So that’s been my life for much of the last three months. To be fair there have been many other good things that aren’t highlighted here. For example I’ve been able to work between the hospital visits, and I’ve learned to make the most of my down time by reading, writing, and finally having an excuse to play the classic Final Fantasy III. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to having this all behind me. In a few short hours I will be out of surgery and in the home stretch of recovery.

Thanks everyone for your support, prayers, high fives, and comments. It truly means a lot.

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