The Making of Leviathan

Who can tame the sea beast Leviathan?
There is nothing on earth quite like him.
To meet him is to dance with death.
Even angels run for cover when he surfaces.

Maybe it was the long hours spent playing Final Fantasy as a kid, or maybe my fascination with mythical creatures is more simple than that. Whatever the reason I have often wondered about the sea beast Leviathan…

No one knows exactly what he looked liked –some speculate it was a crocodile, others say it was a whale, some say he never existed– and the problem is complicated by the fact that much of the description in the Bible is metaphorical. For better or worse I’ve been intrigued and determined to take him captive in my sketchbook for some time now.

Honestly I was intimidated by the challenge. Drawing from imagination does not come easily for me, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had to try. I’ve never created a character before, much less one described as an omnipotent beast at the top of the food chain. I was afraid I wouldn’t do it justice, and for about a year and a half that fear kept me from even trying.

Even now I don’t feel like my attempt is sufficient. There are several things I want to change, and ultimately I think he’s best suited for a different medium. But the thing I realized after wrestling with him for a couple weeks is that it’s time to set him free. We both need to spread our wings a bit.

Some day I will encounter him again, and hopefully then I’ll be better suited to bring him to life. Until then I offer this interpretation:

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