It’s Go Time

Sunset in London on the first of three flights.

Sunset in London on the first of three flights.

At last! The hardest part is behind me. Now that I’m done packing all that’s left to do is shoot twenty portraits across three cities in a foreign country.

At the moment I’m hovering somewhere over Africa on the longest flight of my life. So far I’ve done precisely zero work for this project, yet I feel relieved now that my bags are packed and I’m en route. Very soon I will be on the ground with an aggressive shot list and whatever gear survived three international flights. It’s the challenge of a demanding shoot that gets my blood pumping. On the other hand I become a nervous wreck when it comes to packing. The endless procession of questions, “what ifs,” and Plan B’s eat at me constantly. Yet, when I pick up my camera all of those worries blur out of focus.

On Thursday I will begin shooting a series of photos for Paradigm Shift, a non-profit founded by my friends Jedd and Janelle in South Africa. It’s quite possibly the most ambitious shoot I’ve ever done, and I couldn’t be more excited! The photos are going to be featured in a coffee table book highlighting several entrepreneurs who have climbed out of poverty. The stories I’ve heard so far are inspiring, and I can hardly wait to smell the book and see the final product. (Don’t pretend I’m the only one who smells books =)

This is the first of hopefully 10 updates during my trip. If you’re interested or looking for an excuse to procrastinate I would love for you to follow along and help contribute to this amazing project. Personally I would be grateful for the following:

1.) Prayer. From logistics and equipment to health and safety there’s plenty to pray for.
2.) Donations. It takes a lot of resources to make this happen, and we could definitely use more financial support to get the book published and distributed.
3.) Connections. The impact of this book will largely be determined by who sees it, and we would love your help getting it in the right hands.

Stay tuned for plenty more jumping pictures and stories yet to come! Thanks for your support, my friends!

2 thoughts on “It’s Go Time

  1. Mom here. I’m so excited for u & all u will experience & learn on this amazing trip. Liked your first picture out the window of the plane. Felt like I had a birds eye view while sitting next to you. Keep them coming!

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