Day Three, Cape Town

Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with

Before I agreed to come on this trip I made a list of a few adventurous things I wanted to do if time permitted. At the top of that list was “Swim with sharks.”

You see, the most famous scene from Planet Earth was the slow motion shot of a great white shark breaching the water and swallowing a seal in the process. There is only one place in the world where sharks will jump out of the water like that, and it just so happens to be here in South Africa.

Today began well before sunrise as I took a boat to Seal Island. We didn’t see much shark activity from the surface, but once we hopped in the submerged cage they had no problem finding us. I brought my underwater camera which I used to capture a very cool “one second” for today. Consider this the Director’s Cut:

…Well shoot. It seems I can’t upload video directly to my blog. Guess this will have to suffice for now:

Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with

After a morning of pure fun I swapped cameras and got to work. We only had one entrepreneur scheduled for today, but we were hoping to capture some additional shots unrelated to the book. Unfortunately we spent much of the afternoon waiting for someone to show up, and he arrived just as another opportunity left. It was frustrating for all of us, but the good news is that we got what we needed. Today’s cake may be a little short of icing, but that’s as bad as it gets.

image image (1)

Honestly I’m surprised we haven’t had more delays like this. I was expecting us to be on “Africa time” waiting and hoping our subjects would respect the schedule we gave them, but nearly everyone has been on time so far. I’ve got to give credit to the team (namely Duane, Marisa, and Michelle) who are meeting the the entrepreneurs the day before each shoot and making sure they are prepped and ready to go. I cannot overstate how much of a difference this makes. It’s never ideal to start shooting photos immediately after meeting someone, but since the expectations have been set the day before I’m able to jump right in without having met them before.

We had a lull between our afternoon shoot and dinner plans, so Jedd took me to Signal Hill which has not only an amazing view of Cape Town, but it’s also a popular spot for paragliding. The clouds scraped the top of the mountains and mixed with the warm rays of sunset to create quite a memorable impression on me.  It’s a truly beautiful city yet contrasted by extreme poverty.

Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with Photo by Stephen Elliot in association with

My camera got some sleep this evening as I enjoyed spending time laughing and visiting with my friends here. I had dinner with Jedd and Janelle, and then joined the rest of the team for movies, popcorn, and ice cream. It was a nice end to the day. Really helps to be surrounded by a group of loving, supportive people especially when I’m so far from my home.

Today I am thankful…

1.) for a chance to swim with sharks (check it off the bucket list!)
2.) that we haven’t lost any time waiting on others until today.
3.) for new friends who appreciate ice cream and Napoleon Dynamite.

7 thoughts on “Day Three, Cape Town

  1. A. You should paraglide so we can share stories!
    B. That last photo of the trees looks like a fairy tale!
    C. Love the BTS shots. Is there someone to follow where I can see them?

    • 1.) I totally would have gone paragliding if I had time (and had known it was even an option).
      B.) That was a quick snapshot from the car, but I love the way it came out.
      Thrice.) Janelle Schroy may be posting them on Instagram, but I haven’t checked it since I’ve been here. The rest of the Paradigm Shift team has been sharing the photos via a What’s App group, but I’m phoneless on this trip. I’ll see if I can wrangle up all the BTS photos and share them somehow…

  2. Stephen, ahhhh, swimming with the sharks is on my bucket list too! That is so super stinking amazing you got to do it. It’s been so fun so far to read your blog & see the photos. Can’t wait for the photo book to come out! HIGH FIVE.

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