Were You There?

by Ron DiCianni and Neil WilsonNot only is this book a collection of outstanding paintings, but each painting is accompanied by a short story designed to immerse the reader into the artwork and the events that inspired it. The stories are written from a first person point of view, so you can’t help but let your imagination run a little bit. The artwork is simply stunning, and the stories are rich and vibrant. It’s kinda hard to rate a book like this because I find myself thinking, “Well, I didn’t really learn anything,” but that’s not the point. The paintings and stories are a way for us to escape from our world and worries for a bit and hopefully come back feeling refreshed and yet curious. The book does just that, so if you’re looking for a break, it’s a great and easy read.

Praise Habit

by David CrowderDavid Crowder (the author) is one of my favorite musicians, so when I heard he wrote a book I was curious to read it. It doesn’t take but a few pages before you realize that this book is well suited as a bathroom reader. Each “chapter” is a short story –most of which are hilarious— with a twist on the end that points back to Scripture (Psalms). Often times the connection between the stories and the spiritual significance is pretty weak, but the book is a delight to read once you get past the fact that it’s not your typical “Christian Living” book. It was certainly entertaining, but it’s not gonna go down as one of the most inspirational or insightful books I’ve read. Pick it up next time you need a short break.