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I don’t have the time to find and link all my friends, so I need your help. Leave a comment below and I’ll add you to the list. Thanks!

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  • 9 thoughts on “External Links

    1. I have no idea if I fall under resources or talented peeps. I don’t feel like I should be either. You should make a third category called “people whose websites defy categories” or something.

      That’s all.

      since you made me do this,

    2. Agreed, good job. I’ve been wandering around in here for about an hour now and I feel I’m far from the end. The highlights have been your photography (which I would love to leave individualized comments for) and your thoughts. I look forward to browsing more later. Great site, I’ll definitely be keeping up with you through it, at least more often than our now rare phone calls. Till later


    3. I’ve just finished to read this book “the Dead Heart” from Douglas Kennedy and I heard that you made a movie from it. What is the name of this movie ? I really loved this book, I read it again currently and I really would like to watch the movie. Please, help me to find it.

    4. Marion, I wish I could help, butI’m afraid you’re looking for a different “Stephen Elliot.” I’ve never heard of the book you mentioned and unless I’m doing incredible things in my sleep I certainly didn’t make a film about it. =) Hope you find what you were looking for.

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