Graphic Design

“An artist is only limited by his imagination.”

Power Of InnovationDecision of the AgesThat Which is UnseenWaterfallSilohouetteCapitolLincoln

Media Artwork:
DVD Cover 02Back Cover 02DVDCover01BackCover01KatlynCompVIEW

Misc Design:
IceDecreeWantedIceSkatingGrazing AceIn Servicevball Motivation 01

Logo Design:
ELP draft #11ELP draft #7ELP draft #3Westgate Training CenterMud's Burgers

Background: For years Photoshop felt like an elusive, massively complex program that I could only dream of using. In September of 2002 I bought the biggest book about Photoshop I could find, and then proceeded to read through it one page at a time. Twelve-hundred pages later and finally it was no longer just a dream.

Photoshop has proven to be such a foundational tool ever since, but only recently have I begun to create a niche for photography and media artwork.

Enter the Design Realm