HPN Resources

Thank you so much for coming to my presentation! I am honored to spend the afternoon with you. Below is a list of resources that have been tremendously helpful to me over the years, and I think you’ll enjoy them too.

– Stephen’s picks –


Behind the Screen – Very insightful read for Christians who seek to influence the entertainment industry

The Hollywood Economist – Easy to understand overview of Hollywood bookkeeping and how it affects everything else (look for the revised edition v. 2.0)

The Eye is Quicker – Hands down the best book on film/video editing I’ve ever read.

Reliable reminders for any artist:

The War of Art – Easy read. Solid kick in the pants. This should be a well-worn feature of every artist’s bookshelf. (and you can even skim the last third of the book)

Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech – Instead of spending 20 minutes trying to decide what to watch on Netflix, watch this instead. You will thank me later.

“Happy Secret to Better Work” TED Talk – I’ve probably seen more TED Talks than you, and this one is my favorite of them all.


Evernote – I don’t use Office or Pages at all. Evernote is the best way for me to keep my thoughts organized and accessible. P.S. It won’t be your favorite app until you use it exclusively; all or nothing is the name of the game here.

Copy – It’s exactly like Dropbox, but they give you over 7x the amount of free storage, and their security is better.

Sundroid – Simple app that tells me the time of sunrise/sunset for any location on the planet. Very helpful for planning shoots, and often impresses clients. (Android only)

PDA Net – Tethering app for Android. Turns your phone into a wifi hotspot. This is essential for working on the road.


SteelTongs – The movie poster font. You’re welcome.

ANOMALY – Upcoming short film written and directed by a Christian filmmaker in NYC. I had the privilege of working on set, and it looks very promising.