Photo Assistants

If you are interested in helping me with a photo shoot some time, please leave a comment below and fill out all of the following info.  See my example below.  There is no commitment with this list, and it does not guarantee that you will help me with a shoot.  It is simply an attempt to locate and organize everyone who has expressed interest in working with me.

Most jobs offer some monetary compensation, but it’s always nice to have people willing to work for the experience.
Some jobs don’t require any prior experience, so pipe up if you’re interested!
If you don’t want your contact info posted on the interwebs, then send it to me here (but post everything else on this list).

Name: Stephen Elliot
Experience: I make a living with my camera.
Interests: creative portraits, weddings, art experiments, editing, technical assistance, etc…
Availability: flexible schedule 7 days a week, though mornings aren’t my friend and I prefer to take Sundays off.
Equipment / Brand: Nikon.  D300, flashes, light stands, PocketWizards, and some other stuff.
Location: Crystal City (Arlington, VA)
Transportation: Car
Contact info:, 703.303.3131, @stephenelliot

4 thoughts on “Photo Assistants

  1. Name: Tim Hartranft
    Experience: Couple weddings, little bit of portrait work
    Interests: Weddings, art, Landscapes, general creativity.
    Availability: Very flexible schedule, no Sunday mornings.
    Equipment / Brand: Nikon. D300+D90, flashes
    Location: Laurel, Md
    Transportation: Car
    Contact info: 717-413-0586

  2. Experience: Just personal/hobby photography.

    Interests: Landscapes, still life stuff, general creativity.

    Availability: Very flexible.

    Equipment: Uhh…I can’t remember right now. Fairly nice digital camera with zoom.

    Transporation: Car

    Contact:, (425) 772-2752.

  3. Name: Rachelle Wilson
    Experience: Everything I know, Stephen Elliot taught me! ;)
    Interests: Travel and Landscapes (and flowers), mostly, but I would love to learn more about doing portraits, weddings, baby photos, etc.
    Availability: Evenings and weekends. I’m a 9-6er.
    Equipment/Brand: None right now :( Sniff, sniff.
    Location: DC (work on K Street NW, live near H Street NE), but can get anywhere Metro/bus accessible.
    Transportation: Public
    Contact info:, 202-642-3247

  4. Experience: I took two continuing education classes on photography. I have been Photographing seniors, Families , Pregnancy, babys/children , pets, nature, and engagements.
    Availability: I have an awesome job where I schedule my own hours, so I can be available pretty much whenever!
    Equipment: Canon Rebel T1I, Promaster flash, Tripod.(That’s it for now) I to work for the learning experience alone!
    Location: Chambersburg, PA….
    Transportation: Airplane! Just kidding… Car ;)
    Contact infor: My cell number is on my business card I gave you.

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