Goodbye Pictage, Hello Zenfolio

Mud Productions has been a Pictage member for over a year and a half.  While it has largely been a positive experience, it has not been the best financial decision.  Every month I’d watch another $99 slide from my pocket into theirs, and every month I would hope that maybe it would generate some additional income.  I frequently weighed the pros and cons, and it really seemed like Pictage had a good thing going yet something about it just felt off. I couldn’t quite articulate it until I began to pursue other options.

It seems to me that Pictage was the best in the business 8 years ago, but the landscape of photography has changed drastically since then.  It feels like Pictage is operating with a 1990’s business mindset, and I’m not convinced that they understand or embrace the changes in the way we distribute, view, print, and share photos today.

I heard about Zenfolio over a year ago, but I didn’t know much about it.  The only thing I knew really was that they partnered with mpix for all of their printing.  I’ve been a huge fan of mpix for about three years, and even though I was a Pictage member I would still recommend mpix to my clients.  In my opinion, the quality of mpix is second to none. Pictage has a decent lab to be sure, but mpix is in a league of its own –and it’s cheaper, and faster, and, and…

So today I finally pulled the plug on Pictage, and I’m excited to start using Zenfolio!  Obviously I’m a newbie, but as far as I can tell they can do everything that Pictage does, plus a lot more, for a fraction of the cost ($100 a year, to be exact).  If you’re a photographer looking for a way to share your photos and sell prints, be sure to check out Zenfolio.