How it works: you, me, volleyball, Crystal City, Sundays, 2:00 PM. As long as the weather is nice, typically May – Sept, we’ll be out there.

What to bring: huge bottle of water, volleyball (if you have one), a hand for high-fivin’, and a pair of red shorts.

What to expect: Fun. Skill level runs the gamut. Some games are just an excuse to get together; other games are extremely competitive. We play until we’re too tired (and inevitably someone will say, “One more?” at which point we either look at each other and say, “Eh, why not,” or we punch him in the face.) Afterwards we usually hit up Chipotle for some burrito goodness.

Why the red shorts? Because it makes you more awesome. Trust me.

The courts are conveniently tucked away on Crystal Drive, between 23rd and 26th street. For your convenience, I’ve included a map to help steer you in the right direction:


In an effort to reach out to all you DOD minded people, I’ve included a satellite photo as well:


Here are the quick, I-don’t-want-to-hear-about-it-if-they’re-not-perfect directions: Take 395 South, exit Route 1 S. immediately after crossing the bridge. Take a left at the first stop light (20th Street) You’ll go two blocks before hitting Crystal Drive. Turn right and look for a place to park somewhere around 23rd Street (the parking garages are free on the weekends). Crystal Drive is one of those annoying streets that’s two-way for a few blocks, before becoming one-way again, thus I suggest parking around 23rd street.

For those of you coming from the south side, take route 1 north. Just past Potomac Yards (Target, Old Navy, B&N, etc…) you’ll see an exit on your right for Crystal Drive. Take that exit. The courts will be on your right approximately four blocks after the exit.

Now for our Metro riders. Catch the Blue or Yellow line to Crystal City. Exit the Metro station on the street level. This will put you at 18th street. Go left and you’ll run into Crystal Drive. Take a right, the courts are down the street on the left, just past all the shops.

Lastly, here’s a little motivation to get you fired up!
Forecast vball Motivation 01 vball Motivation 02 vball Motivation 03 vball Motivation 04 volleyball recipe

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