Wall of Gratitude

     Although this site is a showcase of things I have made on my own, it would not be possible without the help of those listed below. This is not a list of meaningless shout-outs, but rather a sincere “thank you” to those who have be instrumental in bringing me to this point. In chronological order…

Jesus Christ: First and foremost, I thank God for the gifts and talents He’s given me. It is my desire to use them to bring glory and honor to Him.

My Family: Where do I even begin. Every one of you has influenced me more than words can say. For that I am forever grateful.

Chris Passmore: Nearly everything I know about computers I learned from you. You single-handedly gave me the confidence I needed to work with computers, and you never turned down an opportunity to help me.

Jonny Hawkins: Little did either of us know how much my life would change when you encouraged me to join the Power Point team. It seems only fitting that you were Mud Productions’ first client. =)

Jenny Billman: Maybe you saw some potential in me, or maybe you just didn’t want to discourage me. Either way, you were immensely influential in showing me new ways to use my creativity. You were constantly encouraging me to go farther. I cannot tell you how much you have influenced me.

Jason Haynie: You had the patience to tolerate my many questions about sound mixing, and you taught me so much about it in the process.

Dave Bondi: How fortunate I am to have met you. You shared your experience with me and told me what to study next. Your helpfulness has been unprecedented.

James Passmore: Your support during my time spent studying was extremely encouraging. You have always been eager to see my work, and that is truly rewarding for me.

Joey Heth: An extra thanks to you for your tremendous help with all things web development. You are one of the easiest and most enjoyable guys to work with.

David Molnar: Although we’ve never met, your photographs and outlook have been a tremendous inspiration to me. I hope our paths will cross someday. Keep up the great work.

Just Shoot Me: Thanks to everybody who participated in the photography group. Not only did I make many new friends, but you all were constantly a source of encouragement to me. Thanks for coming along with me as I followed a dream.